Through TLM's patent-pending

Safe Sight products,


Wheelchair-Pedestrians are protected in the presence of urban traffic,


By being Scened by motorist though our "" product


Show your love by getting a device for the

wheelchair-pedestrian in your family, To Be Scened in Traffic.

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Together Lives Matter (TLM) is a company whose focus is to provide Safety Products for those in need.


"Safety First" is our motto of Service.


Today's urban traffic increases the risk of accidents for every wheelchair-pedestrian.



Together Lives Matter (TLM) designs, develops and markets an effective safety pennant product  called

Safe Sight Standard.


Safe Sight Standard is composed of a staff, pennant assembly that is accented by a switch-control, glowing L.E.D string. With Safe Sight Standard installed, Wheelchair-pedestrians can navigate traffic during the busiest time of day and even into the congested commuter corridors at night.


The Safe Sight Standard Assembly is easily installed on both manual and powered wheelchairs in seconds.


TLM has extended the complementary use of its Safe Sight Standard product to members of the Wounded Warrior community, where TLM officials  have distributed FREE Safe Sight Standards to  Wheelchair-Pedestrians in need, thereby avoiding the risk of traffic accidents.

In the 5G world of tomorrow, pertaining to the "Internet-of-Things", TLM will offer its Safe Sight "Roadside On Board Unit" (ROBU), to seamlessly notify motorist, equipped with Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) technology, the presence of wheelchair-pedestrians, equipped with this ROBU capability. The Safe Sight ROBU, is a patent pending device.


With Safe Sight installed on wheelchairs and similar non-ambulatory devices, pedestrians can safely navigate through urban traffic.


This new found sense of safety will create a safe environment for wheelchair-pedestrians while promoting love and unity through community support.





Together Lives Matter


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